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Larger Than Life

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American Idol runner-up

“The biggest risk I’ve ever taken is going on American Idol and trying to be myself. I wasn’t going to try too hard to conform, and I knew that it could possibly not work out.”


Terminator Salvation costar

“One of the most extreme things I’ve done is be extremely in love. It was just the whole lifestyle I chose; I sat down and helped plant a garden with her! That went a little too far for me. But I was trying to be in a balanced relationship and do some of the things that she would enjoy too. Then afterward you think, Dang—did I do all that?”

“The craziest thing I ever did? Skydiving. One Sunday, when one of my best mates was visiting me in Texas, after breakfast we decided there was no better way to spend the afternoon but backflipping out of a plane at 11,000 feet.”

X-Men Origins: Wolverine costar


“It’s cool to be [my age] and famous… I cease to be just Shia LaBeouf. It’s Shia, this representative dude. And it’s that Shia who gets the women rushing over. Oh, absolutely, it’s exciting. It’s intoxicating. But it’s not real.”

Transformers star

SHIA LABEOUF, 23 as told to Playboy


Star Trek star

“On my first day of shooting, I ended up breaking a stunt guy’s nose. A word of caution to any young actor out there: Do not hurt stuntmen, because they will pay you back in kind! The next take after that, this big stunt guy kicked me in the stomach. He said it wasn’t on purpose, but I don’t know. The fight scenes were a lot of fun, but way harder than I ever expected!”

“It’s a really emotional experience when people are screaming at you all the time. When I was in Italy, all these people started screaming in this bookshop. Your immediate reaction is you feel like you’re going to start crying. . . . It’s really strange. It’s so not how I thought I would react. When people are pressing loads and loads of energy, you can kind of feel it . . . just having that energy, it’s overwhelming.”


Twilight star, to

“I will tell you that within the past couple of years I have probably grown more than I have ever grown in my life. I’ve understood the importance of what I call powerfully loving someone, and what that means. . . . My ex, I can powerfully love her. My little girl, I can powerfully love her.”


Race to Witch Mountain star, to Ireland’s Sunday Independent


Terminator Salvation costar

“I have an extraordinary job, so I try to live an ordinary life. I take out the garbage, I make sure my girl is happy, and that’s it. But I do think that any Australian, or any actor, is a risk taker. You have to be when you make a movie and every day is about jumping in. You put me in a situation, and I’ll jump in full-tilt boogie!”

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