People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

Fanzine readers have voted her Most Beautiful Daytime Star, and as General Hospital‘s Felicia, she transcends bad breaks with a good heart. “A soap star is not like a real movie star,” she relates. “You see more of the dirty reality in films. On the soaps, we keep highlighting. I may be in a neck brace, but the makeup is perfect. I’ve been on the soaps for six years now, and I’ve had a broken leg, been paralyzed by an earthquake, spent time in prison and fallen downstairs twice But as long as you look good doing it, that’s what matters.” And Malandro—whose General Hospital hubby, Jack Wagner, is her off-set squeeze—enjoys being made to look good. “It’s very pleasant sitting in a chair, drinking coffee and watching them put on this beautiful base, attaching eyelashes and changing the lighting on my face.” Sometimes she even dreams of make-over adventures. “I’ve never had short hair before, but I’m dying to now. Watching them cut it off would really be a rush!”

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