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Kristin Scott Thomas

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EVEN AN INSIGNIFICANT BODY part on most people is a point of eroticism on British actress Kristin Scott Thomas, 36. In the Oscar-sweeping film The English Patient, Ralph Fiennes is enchanted by her “Almasy Bosphorus”—his name for the tiny hollow above the collarbone. “She has the pedigree of great film actresses like Marlene Dietrich,” says Fiennes. And maturity. Says Patient producer Saul Zaentz: “When she walks into a room, you see a beautiful woman, not a girl, not someone trying to be something she’s not.” Thomas, who resides in Paris with her obstetrician husband and their two children, Hannah, 9, and Joseph, 6, lives by European practicality. “I don’t have the greatest figure by Hollywood standards,” she says. “We all come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s fine by me.” To keep what she has, though, doesn’t require a gym. “In Paris you walk everywhere and literally run around,” says the 5’6″ actress, who claims not to know how much she weighs: “Life is too short to live on low-fat everything.” Her beauty indulgences? “Baths are my favorite thing. I can have two, three a day. And perfume is my big luxury.” If she could change one thing, it would be her knees. “They’re scarred,” she says, “from falling off too many bicycles.”