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Kojak May Be the King of Knob Hill, but Which of the Above Is Telly Savalas?

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It’s TV all right, but that isn’t a rear view of the typing pool of All That Glitters or some new Chuck Barris outrage called The Pating Game. Rather, it was the episode of To Tell the Truth in which the panel zeroed in on which of the above was George Peters, the New York actor (mostly commercials like Dial Soap and Rapid Shave) who has stood in for Telly Savalas for the, ah, hairier scenes of CBS’s Kojak the past season.

This actually, was the pretaping try-out, and three of them were eliminated, as was a prankster who popped in for the audition, the hirsute Gene Shalit of NBC’s Today show. The real decoy (as panelists Bill Cullen, Peggy Cass and Gene Rayburn glommed) was the knob at the top left. To cut costs, Savalas will shoot in Hollywood for the upcoming season, and Peters will go with him. “Telly likes me,” Peters says. “I’m just doing it for a lark!”