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Kirk Mccaskill: Pitcher 30

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The California Angels right-hander balks at being designated a beauty (“Honestly, I just don’t see this”). But his wife, Dana, is sure she made a great catch. “Kirk is very Mel Gibsonish,” she says. “The first time I saw him, he was 18 years old and playing on the same team with my brother. I got a crush. I thought he looked cute in a baseball cap.” She adds, “He thinks he has kind of a big nose. But he doesn’t. It fits his face.” McCaskill impressed his teammates by battling through last season with a bone spur on his elbow. “He proved to a lot of people that he was driven to win,” says fellow Angels pitcher Mark Langston. Team photographer V.J. Lovero adds, “No matter how hard he is working, he never has a drop of sweat on his face.” So cool control comes naturally? Not quite. Squeals Langston: “He does use mousse.”