Elizabeth Leonard
March 28, 2011 12:00 PM

Who’s the last person who saw you naked?

This morning, my family [girlfriend Camila Alves, 28, and their kids Levi, 2, and Vida, 1] came to send me off for the day. I was just getting out of the shower, so the whole family saw me naked.

Are you related to anybody famous?

Yeah. My son! We were in New Orleans and somebody came up to us and went straight to Levi and went “Oh, hi!” They knew his name. It was weird, but hey, we go about and live our life. Levi did look at them a little odd at first because he didn’t know them, but we’ve already talked to him about that [celebrity] a little bit.

Levi looks more and more like your mini-me. How else is he like you?

Yeah, Levi is starting to take on his dad’s traits a little bit more. One, he’s starting to look more like me, but two, he’s wheeling and dealing and negotiating things. At 2½. Just the other day, I called him out. He was trying to tell me, “But Mama said I could,” and I looked at [Camila]-she was back there but he didn’t know it-and I went, “Oh she did? Just right now, she said you could go do that?” He goes, “Yes, Papa,” with this grin on his face. And I’m like, “I do that! But I didn’t think I was doing that till I was 15! What are you doing, doing that at 2½?” And he got it. He was letting me know, “I was trying to pull one over on you, and you just busted me.” He wasn’t lying. He was bullllll—–ing! That’s very much like his dad.

What do you remember most from when you were a little kid?

My brother Pat had the entire attic when we were [kids], and he turned it into his room. I thought it was the coolest room in the world. I thought you could go bowling in that room because it was so big and so awesome. I went back and visited my childhood house about five years ago, and the room was so tiny. The ceilings were like 6-ft. high. I had such a romanticized view of it being just massive. Now my kids go out in the front yard, and they’re walking under elephant ears [plants] that aren’t that tall but to them it must seem like a jungle.

What’s your porn star name-the name of your first pet plus the street you grew up on?

That would be Cinco Getty. That’s a pretty good one, eh?

What was your high school crowd?

I dabbled in all the crowds. I was friends with the cool dudes, the student council and the athletes, but I stuck up for the nerds and was friends with the only Gothic chick in the whole school, Betty Rice. I had friends in the smoking section, but yet I was vice president of the class. I covered the spectrum. Same thing today. And I’m really happy I feel that way. That’s been the way I’ve led my life.

What’s surprising about you that most people don’t know?

Probably that I write a lot. I have handwritten journals stacked four feet high from over the years. I try to take a week off every year to go through them and transfer them to disk on a computer. Last year it was really cool to open up a diary from 1989 and see I’d written down 10 goals. I’d completely forgotten what they were, and you know what? I had all 10 of them done. One was to make a living acting. Another was to be healthier in mind, spirit and body at 40 than I was at 20.

When was the last time you cried?

The birth of Vida. Tears of joy. I’ll cry at birth before I’d cry at death. Always have.

You’re learning Portuguese, which Camila grew up speaking in Brazil. What’s your favorite Portuguese expression?

My son [Levi]’s much better at Portuguese than I am, but my favorite? “Beijos.” Kisses.

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