Scottish import Kevin McKidd, 35, known for his work on Rome, joins ABC’s hit show as a short-fused trauma expert who served in Iraq.

WHAT’S WITH DR. HUNT? HE’S SUCH A WILD CARD. He does a lot of things that kind of are hard-core, and [he] shocks and disgusts some people. His methods are pretty uncompromising. But he doesn’t care.

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? A town called Elgin, in the Northeast of Scotland. Near Inverness. It’s famous for Scottish whiskey, all the distilleries are in that area. My dad was a plumber and my mum worked in a hotel. There was never any acting in our family at all. The best you could hope for was to become a professional football player.

HOW HAVE YOUR CHILDREN JOSEPH, 8, AND IONA, 6, ADJUSTED TO LIFE IN LOS ANGELES? [At home] they have London accents like Mary Poppins kids. But after school, when they get in the car, they speak in a better American accent than I do!

YOU ALSO COSTARRED WITH PATRICK DEMPSEY IN MADE OF HONOR. DID THE TWO OF YOU BOND? Yes. Patrick likes his whiskey. He likes a good single malt.

MUST ASK: DO YOU HAVE A KILT? Two! If I get invited to the Emmys, I’ll wear one.

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