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Kevin & Danielle Jonas Wedded Bliss

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Five months into their marriage, something has already come between Kevin and Danielle Jonas. “Our dog Riley sleeps between our two heads,” admits Kevin. “But she’s starting to sleep at the foot of the bed, which is a little bit easier.” If the oldest Jonas brother is inclined to let this sleeping dog lie, it’s because he couldn’t be more thrilled to call Danielle his wife. After a two-year courtship during which they were often apart, he says, “It’s great being with your best friend all the time.” Danielle agrees: “It’s so nice being with the one you know you’re supposed to be with.”

Since their storybook wedding at a castle on New York’s Long Island last December, the newlyweds have been busy settling into their sprawling ranch-style house in a gated community in North Texas, where Kevin’s parents also have a home. Kevin, 22, says he fell in love with the house’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer sweeping views of the Texas prairie, and Danielle, 23, was sold as soon as she saw the gourmet kitchen with a wraparound counter. “Dani is an amazing cook,” gushes Kevin. “She makes the best waffles in the world.” And Kevin? “He makes an awesome grilled cheese,” Danielle chuckles. His retort: “I’m learning!”

As far as his brothers are concerned, Kevin’s already aced Marriage 101. While filming the TV show JONAS recently, “I had to run pick up something from Walgreens,” Kevin recalls. “Nick and Joe were like, ‘Going on your lunch break to pick up a prescription, that’s so married of you!'” Says Joe, 20, with a laugh: “He loves telling people he’s married. He’ll always try to work it into the conversation.” Though his brothers tease him about being tied down, they’ve embraced “Dani” as their sister. “She fits into the family so well,” says Joe.

Is the clan ready to expand even more? “Someday,” says Kevin, as Danielle smiles. But for now, he says, “we’re enjoying newly married life,” whether she’s organizing his closet or he’s setting up the house’s sound system so he can run it on his iPad. When the Jonas Brothers kick off their 46-city tour in Dallas on July 27, Kevin and Danielle will re-create their newlywed nest on their own tour bus-complete with a doggy bed for Riley. “We have our own little family now,” says Kevin, adding, to the delight of his wife, “We might have to get another puppy.”