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Kevin Costner

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Whether he’s in a field of dreams, Sherwood Forest or a New Orleans courtroom, Costner’s most beguiling asset is not his all-American face but rather what’s going on behind it. You can almost hear the gears grind: Aw shucks, do I shoot the buffalo? Kiss the girl? Costner’s Gary Cooper-like reticence kept JFK centered. But for a guy who “never even had a date in high school,” this Oscar winner also packs industrial strength sex appeal. “He’s like a 15-year-old—all hormones,” someone once said of him.

Although Costner, 37, likes to downplay his intelligence and drive wife Cindy and their three kids around in a ’68 Shelby Mustang (license plate: CRASH D, for his Bull Durham hunk), he has shrewdly upped his acting price to at least $8 million per movie. “I’m amazed I got where I got,” he has said. Shades of the Coop.