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Kevin Costner: Actor/director 36

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Perhaps “neat” was not the best word to use to compliment Madonna on her kick-ass concert. But the Material Girl is pretty much alone these days in finding Costner hard to take. He is Hollywood’s new Mr. Right: Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper and Henry Fonda rolled into one casually charismatic package. He laid himself on the line for Dances with Wolves and waltzed away with seven Oscars. In Robin Hood he insisted on doing many of his own stunts. At home, he’s one star who says he is happy with an apple-pie slice of the American Dream: three children and a wife who was his college sweetheart and first true love. He dated Cindy originally, in fact, while she was playing Snow White in Disneyland. Says Costner: “I wasn’t Prince Charming. I had longer hair and wire-rimmed glasses.” Details, details.