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Kenny Chesney

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The 39-year-old Luttrell, Tenn., native—who’s currently on his “Flip Flop Summer Tour”—opens up about what it will take to get him to settle down.

A REAL HEART-TO-HEART “I’m not one of those people who wants to be in love for the sake of being in love. But I believe in it.”

BABY STEPS “I can definitely see myself married with kids. I’m not ready to say I’m locked down for life, but I do feel I am getting closer to letting some of the walls down.”

PUTTING FIRST THINGS FIRST “I’m a workaholic. If I were to marry someone, they would have to be second. But it sure would be good to have somebody to sit on this porch with every now and then.”

WHAT HE WANTS IN A WOMAN “She has to be outgoing and she has to love the beach.”

WHAT HE WANTS IN A WOMAN, PART II: “Trustworthiness.”