People Staff
May 14, 2001 12:00 PM

How does a daytime diva stay dazzlingly camera-ready? Diet? Exercise? Facials? Forget it. “To look TV-friendly,” says Kelly Ripa, who does double duty as the perky new cohost of Live with Regis and Kelly and as All My Children‘s venerable drama queen Hayley Santos, “you need makeup.”

A sprightly sense of humor helps too. Since she paired with Regis Philbin, 69, Ripa, 30, has hit it big with audiences and even charmed her (many say) lookalike predecessor. “I wish I looked like her,” says Kathie Lee Gifford, 47. “The only thing I don’t envy about her is being pregnant!” Ripa, who has a 3-year-old son, Michael, with her husband of five years (and AMC spouse), Mark Consuelos, 30, is expecting their second child in June. Says Consuelos: “I think motherhood has made her more beautiful.”

Haunted by past faux-pas—”hair as big as it could possibly get” during high school in Voorhees, N.J., and too much time in the tanning salon (“I had tanorexia,” she says)—the 5’4″ Ripa knows the importance of measuring up on the small screen. “In the world of daytime, everyone is beautiful,” she says. “Even in a fiery explosion on All My Children, I wonder if I’m wearing enough lip gloss.”

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