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Kellan Lutz Is So Hot... He Can Sell You Anything

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Although Lutz, 25, has never been put in the position of convincing someone to drive a lemon off a used-car lot, the Twilight star-whose physique and looks have been used to hawk everything from (in his early modeling days) JC Penney clothes to (currently) Calvin Klein underwear-does admit to having a real knack for moving merchandise. “When I was 16, I worked at Macy’s in the housewares department,” he recalls. “It was funny because you’d get rewarded if you sold a certain item and got people to sign up for a membership, and I always got people to do it. I don’t know if I just had a good eye for those people, but I’d get rewarded with like a couple hundred bucks bonus.”


For most people, it would be impossible to try to sell sand in the desert, but Lutz, who will next be seen in the murder-mystery film Meskada, learned early on how powerfully persuasive he could be. “I have dimples, so thank the Lord I was blessed with something I could use to look like a little beggar,” he says. “I could flirt and smile. Even with my mother I could sell her stuff, because she’d be like, ‘I can’t not buy chocolate from you when you put that little face on.’ Squint the eyes a little, show the dimples. It also worked on the neighborhood moms.”


If you believe Lutz isn’t completely stoked about how hot his career has become, then he’s got a bridge in Tallahassee to sell you. Take the Calvin Klein gig, for example. “I’m just blessed and thankful that they chose me to be one of their guys,” says Lutz, whose briefs-clad bod has graced billboards across the country. “The first time I saw the billboard, I was on Sunset Boulevard, and I looked up, and there I was. It was a little embarrassing being four stories high and you’re just in your underwear, but it quickly changed to a moment of being proud. It turned out really cool and tasteful and provocative, so yeah, I’m just really proud.”