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January 19, 2009 12:00 PM


They play battling brides in Bride Wars, but Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway have also had their share of real-life romantic struggles. For Hathaway, 26—who has to share the same wedding day with her best friend (Hudson) in the film—comedy helped her get over her breakup with Raffaello Follieri, now in jail for money laundering and wire fraud. “The only way to deal with pain is with a sense of humor,” she says. That also works for Hudson, 29, now single after romances with Lance Armstrong and Owen Wilson. “When I’m dating somebody,” she says with a laugh, “you’ll know!” The duo spoke with PEOPLE’s Brenda Rodriguez about laughter, 90210 and finding “the one.”

Do you have competitive friendships offscreen?

HUDSON: I’m so upfront and honest. I say it like [it is].

HATHAWAY: You have no problems telling people how you feel. Thank God you’re so nice!

HUDSON: There’s people who aren’t into that personality, and they’ve fallen by the wayside.

Have you ever been sabotaged by a friend?

HATHAWAY: I’ve had people subconsciously try to sabotage me, but I’ve had to learn to call them on it.

HUDSON: I would like to ask my friends that. I always thought it would be really great to have a truth ceremony with your girlfriends.

HATHAWAY: By the way, I think that was a 90210 episode. Brenda’s like, “Let’s play,” and Kelly’s like, “It’s a really intense game, Brenda.” [Both laugh]

HUDSON: Oh my God, you were a total 90210 girl too!

Speaking of dueling pals, in the film you have a huge fight while wearing wedding gowns.

HATHAWAY: Did you notice Kate’s enormous wedding ring in the movie? Imagine, surrounded in a cloud of tulle, Kate Hudson‘s hand with the 9,000-carat diamond coming out and smacking you across the face and staying in character!

HUDSON: It was not intentional! I hit her and I went, “Oh my God!” And she’s like, “No, I’m fine. Keep going!”

HATHAWAY: Go with it! Use it, Hudson!

HUDSON: And then I saw Annie sitting in a chair with an ice pack.

Both of you seem to get along so well despite reports of tension on-set. Did the tabloids get it wrong?

HUDSON: What part of my life in the tabloids is right?

HATHAWAY: That you’re blonde.

HUDSON: It’s just insane.

HATHAWAY: I’ve gotten my first little taste of that.

Kate, have you given Anne any dating advice?

HUDSON: Just enjoy your life.

HATHAWAY: Stay away from accents!

Do you still believe in “the one”?

HUDSON: Of course, there’s just more than one of “the one.” Just kidding. I feel like your life is about experiencing people and love in all forms. And when you have a child, you really recognize that unconditional love really only exists within your children.

HATHAWAY: I don’t think I believe in “the one,” but I believe that there are people you’re meant to spend your life with. Relationships are worth working for, and I do like the idea of being committed to someone.

HUDSON: It comes down to how comfortable people are with intimacy. People who are accepting of that usually have the longest-lasting relationships.

HATHAWAY: You can’t start by saying, “You’re the one for me.” Wouldn’t it be better to look back at 80 and say “Yep, we did well”?

HUDSON: I like that!

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