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Kate Hudson: Actress

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She’s all bright eyes, blonde hair and infectious giggles. Think Goldie Hawn. Then think again. It’s Hawn’s adorable doppelgänger daughter, Kate Hudson. “From time to time I see Kate from a certain angle and I see Goldie,” says actor Kurt Russell, Hawn’s live-in love of 16 years. “They pick up light the same way.”

But with roles in 200 Cigarettes and the forthcoming offbeat comedy Desert Blue, Hudson, 20 (her father is Bill Hudson, of the ’70s comedy trio the Hudson Brothers), is generating sparks of her own. “She has a timeless look, an accessible beauty that runs deep,” says director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire), who cast her as a 1970s rock groupie in his next, as-yet-untitled film. “She’s sophisticated and innocent at the same time,” agrees Cigarettes costar Casey Affleck, “and as lovely as a drop of rain.”

Past attempts to capitalize on that beauty, though, were sometimes all wet. “I’m the queen of messing everything up,” says Hudson, confessing self-tanner run-ins (“My skin turned orange”) and misguided perms. Fortunately, for some cosmetic emergencies the fix was right in-house. While Hawn preferred Kate’s hair in a ponytail, Russell, whom Hudson calls Dad, “could do that ’80s bang flip perfectly on me,” she says. “With the hairspray, really far up.”

The 5’6″ Hudson and her mom part ways on more than hairstyles. “Kate has very different eyes and a different nose,” says Hawn. Common ground? “A heart-shaped face and a good, high spirit.” And a very crowded vanity. “I’m a product freak,” says Hudson, whose plethora of “yummy, smell-good stuff” includes Sisley moisturizer, Nars foundation and makeup from BeneFit and Philosophy. But even with ballet classes and monthly facials, “some days, like everyone, I can’t look at myself,” she says. Other days, “you go, ‘Oh, I have a little bit of a glow today’ ” Shine on.