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Kate Delivers!

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Ryder Russell Robinson takes his middle name from his grandpa Kurt Russell. But even Grandpa is having a hard time figuring out whether his namesake more closely resembles Mom (actress Kate Hudson, 24) or Dad (rocker Chris Robinson, 37). “He looks a lot like Chris,” says Russell, whose longtime love is Hudson’s mom, Goldie Hawn. “But then I came back last night and said, ‘He looks a lot like Kate.’ And then I saw Chris’s brother Rich and thought he had a lot of Rich too. You do that with babies. It’s the great fun.”

The fun has only just begun for the close-knit Hollywood clan, who welcomed 8 lb., 11 oz. Ryder on Jan. 7 in Los Angeles. Hudson, who delivered via C-section, “looks so at peace,” says pal Naomi Watts, her costar in last year’s Le Divorce. “The three of them are gorgeous, and the baby is beautiful.”

And every inch as stylin’ as his hippie-chic parents—not to mention his grandma Goldie, 58. “[Kate’s brother] Oliver said, ‘You are not gonna be Grandma, you are gonna be Glam-ma!’ ” says Russell, 52, whom Hudson calls Pa. (Kate and Oliver’s father, musician Bill Hudson, split from Hawn in 1980.) Now that the “really cute” Ryder is finally here, “it’s quite an amazing time,” says Russell.

Amazing, yes, but for the new mom, who is taking a three-month break before filming the thriller Skeleton Key, motherhood simply feels like second nature. “Kate’s a born mother,” says Russell. “That’s what we’ve discovered: Kate’s a mama.”