People Staff
July 22, 1985 12:00 PM

What’s a ‘roo to do without a pouch to call home? Hop to Garth Moreland, the 70-year-old savior of Australia’s motherless marsupials. For 25 years the former alligator hunter, Qantas pilot and real estate agent has cared for 150 orphaned kiddie kangas at his home in a suburb west of Sydney. The wee wallabies and kangaroos are brought to Moreland as young as 3 months, and he feeds them with eyedroppers or baby bottles. Kangaroos wreck some farmers’ fields, and even Moreland believes that when their numbers leap too high (there are an estimated 12 million kangaroos Down Under), they should be culled. But Garth is hopping mad about some of the other hazards the ‘roos must contend with. “They’re killing kangaroos for dog meat now,” he moans, “and they’re roaming Europe regaling restaurateurs with bags of kangaroo tails and steaks. Motorcars kill thousands in Australia. The poor little kangaroo’s got everything against it.” Well, not quite everything, thanks to Garth Moreland.

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