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Jump In!'s Corbin Bleu

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AGE: 17

HOMETOWN: Brooklyn

LATEST GIG: Starring in the Disney Channel movie Jump In! (the network’s highest-rated debut) and the Discovery Kids’ drama Flight 29 Down, and touring the U.S. in the High School Musical stage show


It didn’t take Bleu long to follow in his actor parents’ footsteps. By 4, he had appeared in ad campaigns for Gap, Toys R Us and Life cereal. Bleu and his dad (David Reivers, who has appeared in Malcolm X and Poseidon) joined up to play father and son in Jump In! “The script got sent to me,” Bleu brags. “But my dad had to audition!”


Bleu, who graduated in 2006 from Montclair College Prep school in Van Nuys, Calif., has worked with such veteran actors as Kurt Russell (The Soldier), Ben Stiller (Mystery Men) and George Clooney. “I worked on ER when I was 7,” he says. “My character needed a rabies shot—the scene is me bending over, wincing, and George Clooney giving me a shot in my butt.”


How does Bleu maintain that shaggy do? “I wash it every day. Then comb it, put conditioner in and get the knots out,” he says. “Then I bend over, shake it and it goes ‘poof!’ It’s my trademark—if I tried to cut it I’d have an angry mob after me.” Speaking of mobs: “Last night I came into the hotel through the service elevator because a group of girls camped out in the lobby,” says Bleu, who’s amazed at the reaction he gets from fans. “Imagine you were standing in front of a person. Would you just start screaming?”