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Juliette Binoche

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CALL IT THE PINOCCHIO Principle. According to juliette Binoche, 33, “Lying does not make you beautiful. If your eyes are clear and straightforward, beauty is there.” Well, it is if the clear eyes belong to her. The 5’6″ French star “shows a sparkle in her soul and an incredible intensity,” says director Philip Kaufman, who worked with Binoche on The Unbearable Lightness of Being. “She has the most perfect upper lip of any woman in the world,” adds Anthony Minghella, who directed her supporting Oscar turn in The English Patient. “There is a line at the top that is absolutely exquisite.” Binoche is cavalier about such attributes. Twice a day, she says, “I put water on my face and then a little cream” (which she gets free from Lancôme for representing their perfume). If she misses sleep, she doesn’t cover up the bags. “I like it when women, or men, have dark shadows under their eyes,” says Binoche, who is unmarried. “Very sexy, very charming.”