People Staff
September 27, 2004 12:00 PM

AGE 13


LATEST GIGS Stars (and often sings) in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous and in the indie family film Grand Champion

•Tuning up: Roberts says she’s not so different from her character Addie Singer in Unfabulous: “We both play guitar and have vivid imaginations,” she says. And they both can belt out a song. “I’ve never been trained in singing,” says the Usher fan. “But ever since I was little I would sing in front of the camera all the time.”

•Hanging with Mrs. Moder: Emma’s aunt Julia Roberts has a cameo in grand Champion (her husband, Dany Moder, was the cinematographer), but “we don’t ever talk about acting,” says her niece. “We cook and just be together.” And prepare for Aunt Julia’s twins. “I can’t wait,” says Emma, who’s putting aside some of her almost $20 weekly allowance for baby clothes. “I already have some outfits in mind.”

•Older woman: The ingenue’s first major role was opposite Johnny Depp in ’01’s Blow, an R-rated film that her parents—actor Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham—forbade her to see. “I just got a tape with all my parts,” says Roberts, who lives with her mom (her parents split shortly after Emma was born) and babysits her sister Grace, 3. “But I can see any PG-13 movie I want!”

•Blonde ambitions: “I knew I would either be a fashion designer or an actress,” says the young style maven, who owns more skirts than sneakers. Deciding factor? Legally Blonde. “It seemed like a lot of fun to make. But if I’m not an actress, I wanna study law or fashion.” Elle Woods, be proud.

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