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Julia Roberts' Top 10 Movies

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BAD NEWS BEARS (1976) “It is just a young person’s classic film.”

OUT OF AFRICA (1985) “This is such a transporting film, and the soundtrack was beautiful too!”

SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE (1989) “Raw, simple perfection.”

TRAFFIC (2000) “An amazing construction—superb performances, cinematography. So complex.”

WITHNAIL & I (1987) “This is a great comedy, especially funny if one is an actor!”

THE FALL (2006) “Magical!”

THE ENGLISH PATIENT (1996) “A sweeping love story.”

21 GRAMS (2003) “Great filmmaking, writing, performances.”

THE CONSTANT GARDENER (2005) “Mesmerizing.”

SILKWOOD (1983) “This movie is so real and right there. Meryl is sublime and Cher is heaven.”