People Staff
May 04, 1992 12:00 PM

Dear John: Forgive this open letter, but having seen you everywhere for 31 years, we feel we know you. You’ve matured from little John-John into such a levelheaded—and, uh, pectorally advantaged—young Manhattanite. On your 6’1″ frame those assistant DA duds look smashing; even at the gym in grungy workout wear, you turn heads among sweaty swooners. “You can’t not notice him—he’s kind of beyond handsome,” says one. “He has real presence, real magnetism.” It’s obvious that you’ve also inherited the Kennedy charm, escorting women from Daryl Hannah to Xuxa to stunning model Julie Baker (Is it true that she looks just like your mother?). In an election year, a little Kennedy goes a long way. As far as we’re concerned, you’re a big Kennedy now. Stay America’s heartthrob forever, OK?

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