People Staff
November 16, 1998 12:00 PM

He has been officially out of circulation for two years now, the respectably married editor-in-chief of George, the political magazine he founded in 1995. But John F. Kennedy Jr.’s sex appeal is as overpowering as ever. It is also, notes George editor-at-large Tony Blankley, decidedly nonpartisan. When Kennedy once visited former Republican National Committee chairman Haley Barbour, Blankley relates, “Female staffers were coming up with the lamest excuses, like ‘Just checking the paper-clip supply,’ ” to get a peek at the scion of America’s most illustrious family of Democrats.

Well, sure. Who’s going to let a little ideology get in the way of that classic face, those perfect teeth? Or that athlete’s body, toned by in-line skating, running and the occasional bike ride from the downtown Manhattan loft he shares with wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy to George‘s midtown offices? (Most days he takes the subway.) Certainly not Cheryl Eastwood, a trainer at Cape Cod’s Hyannis Athletic Club, where the 6’1″ Kennedy worked out recently while staying at his family’s nearby compound. “He looks terrific—really healthy,” says Eastwood. “After he left, other women said, ‘I can’t believe you didn’t call me!’ ” Having traded in his youthful informality for conservative business suits, Kennedy, 37, is now “the definition of a man’s man,” says Frederic Fekkai, once his haircutter and still a friend. “He’s a real good-looking man—he’s not a cute man. And he’s more than handsome. I think he’s just going to look better and better.”

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