Oliver Jones
October 23, 2006 12:00 PM

Look out, Dwayne Johnson—there’s a new pro wrestler making a bid for movie stardom. In his new action movie, The Marine, three-time WWE champion John Cena, 29, makes his big-screen debut as a military man trying to rescue his kidnapped wife. The 6’1″, 240-lb. Cena sat down for a smackdown with PEOPLE’s Oliver Jones.


He’s used to flexing his biceps, but when it comes to romance, “I wish I could just open my mouth!” Cena says. “Around girls, I have no game.” And if a lady wanted to approach him? “A girl who is extremely confident in the way she carries herself is just drop-dead sexy.”


One of five brothers who grew up in West Newbury, Mass., Cena recalls that his father “specifically ordered cable so we could watch wrestling. The only time my brothers and I could beat up on each other and get away with it was when we were watching wrestling with my dad!”


“Believe it or not, I can cook one hell of a barbecue—I could earn my living on the grill if need be,” he claims. And that’s not his only hobby. “I also play chess,” he says. “It’s a lost art.”


At the moment, “I have no personal life because I’m in a different city every day,” Cena laments. “I’ll find room in my schedule if Will Ferrell [offers] a movie, but that’s about it.” He says he plans to wrestle as long as his bones can take it, then “I will end up shacking up in the middle of nowhere, being the assistant greenskeeper of a golf course.”

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