People Staff
September 01, 2003 12:00 PM

REAL NAMES: Joey Tierney and Tanya Tamburin

HOME: Los Angeles

KNOWN FOR: Flesh-flashing, sexy creations

•Who Can Wear Their Stuff?

Not just anybody. “You have to be a person with a certain confidence,” says Michael Baruch of L.A. fashion mecca Fred Segal.

•Who Does Wear It?

Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Aimee Osbourne

•How It All Started: Tierney, 28, and Tamburin, 29, were Spears’s stylists on her Dream Within a Dream tour in 2001. That’s when she told them, “You girls need to come together and lock down a line.”

•A Brief Foray: While on the road, they managed to come out with their very first line—brilliantly colored $24 undies cut like boys’ underwear that were an instant hit with the boldface bunch.

•A Fashion Week Stir: Using their own savings and a $50,000 loan from Tamburin’s parents, Tamburin, from Boonton, N.J., and Southern California native Tierney launched their full line at L.A.’s Fashion Week last spring, with a roster of celebs parading the runways for them. “It’s one of a kind,” says actress Jaime Pressly, who worked the show and owns a $1,200 navy leather-and-suede pin-stripe jacket and skirt. “I can dress it up or funk it down.”

•Future Designs: September’s New York Fashion Week. Time will tell if their micros are a cut above or just come up short.

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