People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

“I’m such a schizophrenic,” she says jokingly. “I love dressing up and I love messing around with clothes. On the other hand, sometimes I’ll go for months when I don’t feel like wearing anything but sweats and a T-shirt.” She runs the gamut in her work as well. She was a sweet dream of a nurse on PBS’s cult hit The Singing Detective, a sultry Christine Keeler in Scandal, and a lissome warrior maiden in Willow. That 1988 flick led to her double-barreled surname—she later married her costar, Val (The Doors) Kilmer, with whom she now shares a Santa IV ranch. This year W-K, who’s British, plays American housewives in The Big Man and Shattered and a New Orleans prosecutor in Storyville. “There’s only one Joanne,” says Michael Caton-Jones, her Scandal director. Accept no substitute.

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