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Jimmy Fallon: Comedian

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Web sites like the Jimmy Fallon Love Shrine call him “such a babe!” and the “super fox of the century” and have some obsessed fans wondering, “Is there anyone out there as perfect as him?!” Says his Saturday Night Live castmate Tina Fey: “Even my husband’s 87-year-old grandmother likes him. She’s like, ‘That Jimmy Fallon is cuuute!’ ” And, as his MTV Movie Awards cohost Kirsten c puts it, “His funniness just adds to his cuteness.” Working in stand-up since he was a high school student in Saugerties, N.Y., the 6-ft. Fallon, 27, sees his appeal as a joke. “I haven’t had a good hair day in about, well… my entire life,” he says. “My uncle called me once and said, ‘You’ve got to settle a bet—is that a wig you’re wearing?’ ” Shooting a role this summer in Woody Allen’s next film and putting the finishing touches on his upcoming comedy album, The Bathroom Wall, Fallon, who’s single, admits to being “very stressed-out.” He nixes one obvious remedy. “I never ever get massages!” he says. “They’re painful!”