People Staff
May 12, 1997 12:00 PM

FROM CHILDHOOD, JENNIFER Lopez, 26, has had a yen for pizzazz. And this year the 5’6″ actress showed off her dash on movie screens, donning plenty of sequins and spandex—and a healthy application of Chanel Brick Red lipstick—for her smoldering turn as Selena, the star-crossed Tejano music singer. “She has a tremendous amount of glamor, which I haven’t seen in an actress in years,” says Selena costar Edward James Olmos. Director Gregory Nava puts it more succinctly: “She’s just a complete wow!” But getting that gusto right took a while. As a teenager, the Bronx-born Lopez planned to be a hairstylist and practiced doing perms on her sister. “It would look good at first,” she says, “but then would be really bad because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.” Style is no problem now. With her new husband, model Ojani Noa, 23, in tow, she hits L.A. boutiques for outfits by Valentino and Prada. “I have a very curvaceous Latin body,” she says. “I like to accentuate that.” Unlike the real Selena, who joked that she kept her curvy shape by eating pepperoni pizza, Lopez watches her diet and works out four times a week. The only drawback to celebrity? She can no longer go to spas for a restorative massage. “I can’t be naked in public,” she says. “I would read in the tabloids about how I have, a mole on my back!”

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