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Jennifer Garner: Actress

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She doesn’t need the accolades she has earned for the ABC series Alias to make her blush. The stunts Jennifer Garner performs as CIA double agent Sydney Bristow bring plenty of color to her cheeks. “I’m constantly getting my blood going,” says the Golden Globe-winning actress, 30. “Nothing wakes you up like running down a hallway a thousand times.” When that fails, “the grips on the set will hide candy for me to find in the middle of a scene!” she says. It was Garner’s “undeniably effervescent personality” that caught Alias creator J.J. Abrams’s eye when he cast her in two episodes of his other show, Felicity (where Garner met her husband, actor Scott Foley, 29). “She walks in at 5 a.m., her hair is wet, her skin is perfect and she looks like a warm, fresh spring day,” says her Alias costar Michael Vartan. Despite discovering Armani makeup and false eyelashes (“my new obsession”), Garner, who lives in L.A. with Foley, is “the antidiva,” says Vartan. Filming recently in a sewer, the 5’8″ Garner recounts, “I wore a pair of coveralls that I thought were fantastic. I didn’t have to wear a thong!”