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Jennifer Aniston: Actress

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When Friends ends its eighth season this month with the birth of Rachel and Ross’s child, something besides a baby girl will have had a TV season to fully gestate: Jennifer Aniston delivered ratings that returned the once-lagging series to No. 1. The sapphire-eyed actress has been busy on the big screen too, filming The Good Girl, set for an August release. To play a frumpy two-timing wife, “there was minimal makeup, and her hair was just like someone who has given up,” says director Miguel Arteta. “She was game.” Off the job, the decidedly undowdy Mrs. Brad Pitt, 33, is apt to be found with her husband and six dogs in their L.A. home, dialing up a movie and ordering a favorite splurge: Mexican food. Otherwise, she counts on the Zone diet—and thrice-weekly workouts—to keep her 5’5″ frame in top form. The rest she has accomplished on her own. “Jennifer has a sex appeal without trying to be overtly sexy,” says hairstylist Chris McMillan, the man behind the celebrated Jennifer dos. “She’s a golden girl, head to toe.”