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Jason Vs. Luke: a People Poll

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They ‘re the two reigning teen titans of television. But if you had to elevate just one to Super Titan, which one would you choose? Would it be Luke Perry, 26, who plays Beverly Hills, 90210’s soulful rebel, Dylan? Or would it be Jason Priestley, 23, who portrays his best buddy, the comparatively sunny suburbanite, Brandon? To find out, PEOPLE recently commissioned a nationwide Gallup Poll of 600 women, ages 12 to 39. And the winner is…

First, and most important: Who’s cuter?

Let’s just say that if this were an election, it might end up in the House of Teen Representatives. Luke, dark and sideburned, has the edge, with 47 percent, to 42 percent for Jason, Mr. Puppy Eyes. Start pressuring your Congressperson now. (Note, though, that while the under-30 constituency likes Luke, the over-30s prefer Jason.)

If Luke and Jason arm-wrestled, who would win ?

Seventy percent cede the contest to Luke. Now, if it had been Luke versus the brawny Ian Ziering (Steve), that might have been another story.

Who do you think is the better kisser?

Even though Jason has fuller lips (surely you’ve noticed?), Luke is the winner, with 58 percent. On the other hand, 13 percent—more than on any other question—simply responded, “Don’t know.” Maybe the answer should have been “Wish I knew.”

Who’s more likely to have holes in his socks?

He’s a lover, not a darner: Luke, with 67 percent.

Who scored higher on the SATs?

Jason is deemed better college material, say 70 percent. Ivy League recruiters, please note.

Which guy would you take to the prom?

Either, apparently—they tie at 45 percent. It may be that Jason is the one whom women would like to make an entrance with and Luke is the one they’d want for later in the evening, when the chaperons start to doze off. And a generation gap is showing here too: Under-30s want to make the scene with Luke, those older (54 percent) with Jason.

Who has the most names in his little black book?

Decisively, Luke, according to 67 percent—and Lord knows in how many zip codes.

Who has the most skeletons in his closet?

Decisively, Luke, according to 72 percent—and Lord knows in how many school lockers.

Who spends the most time staring in the mirror?

Jason is the Narcissus of 90210, according to 49 percent. Not that they blame him.

Who will still have a career in 30 years?

As opposed to, say, “still have a career at the age of 30.” Another tie—41 percent each.

Who’s likely to go bald first?

Oh, Luke, we’re so sorry—you, say 61 percent.

Which one calls his mom more often ?

Seventy percent say Jason reaches out and touches Mama more frequently.

And which one would your mom want to keep around for herself?

Mrs. Robinson, meet Jason Priestley (58 percent). Coo-coo-cachoo.

Heartbreak Question No. 1: Who would be more likely to leave you stranded at a party ?

Sixty-five percent say Luke, that rat!

Heartbreak Question No. 2: Who would be more likely to dump you for your best friend?

Luke, that rat, again (59 percent)!

Who’s your favorite?

Well, after that, it’s no wonder Jason has the edge here: 46 percent, to Luke’s 44. Overall, Luke is the preferred idol of our teen voters, and Jason is the pick of married women, as well as women over 30. One anomaly: Widows prefer Luke.

And, finally, crucially—who’s kinder to animals?

Jason, with 58 percent. Can’t you just see him taking Lassie to the vet in that canary-yellow Mustang convertible of his?