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Jason Priestley

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Here’s one teen idol who’ll soon start making house calls—by way of a 10-inch Mattel doll. To toughen up his image as Brandon, the oh-so-sensitive Beverly Hills, 90210er, Priestley, 22, chain-smokes Marlboros offscreen and bungee jumps, much to the dismay of his corporate keepers. Still unscarred by such antics, the Canadian-born actor considers beauty an interior matter. “Some people are aesthetically pleasing, but they have no inner fire, which is what I find really attractive.” Priestley spent his recent hiatus filming a video of Roy Orbison’s “I Drove All Night” and Calendar Girl, a movie about three teen buddies in the ’60s in search of Marilyn Monroe. What does he look for in a woman in real life? “I get asked that a lot,” says Priestley, who’s been dating actress Christine Elise, 23, his 90210 ex. “What do you say? Internal organs? A good spleen?” And when he looks in the mirror? “I’m just a regular guy who goes to work every day.” But how many of them get 3,000 letters a week?