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Jason & Jeremy London

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NO, YOU’RE NOT SEEING DOUBLE. THE DREAMY London twins give teenage girls two scoops of idol worship. The shaggier Jason “is someone you could fall passionately in love with from across the street,” says Beeban Kidron, who directed him as farmboy Bobby Ray in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Clean-cut Jeremy, who plays thief-of-hearts Griffin in Party of Five, “is dangerously safe—the handsome bad-boy crossed with the boy next door,” says the show’s casting director Patrick Rush. Jason is the twin with the facial hair (“It’s hardly a goatee, more like a goat,” he says), who is proudest of inheriting what he describes as his construction-foreman dad’s “broad, workingman’s hands.” Jeremy prefers his slate-blue eyes, which, he says, “are the key to my feelings.” Both have tattoos on their upper left arms; but guess who picked his zodiac sign, the scorpion (okay, it’s Jason), and who chose the face of a Cherokee tribal elder in honor of his Cherokee heritage? If you still mix them up, Jason is the one who lost two toes on his left foot in a forklift accident at age 15. Life was tough growing up with waitress mom Debbie in a trailer park near Dallas. “At school, money was more a factor than looks,” Jason says. “And we didn’t have any money.” Now 23, they do. “They’ve got to know they’re good-looking, but I never saw them make a big deal out of it,” says Sam Waters ton, who has worked with both brothers. “They’re self-made guys.” And we’re twice blessed.