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Jared the Subway Guy His New Weight Struggle

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THEN 190 lbs.

NOW 221 lbs.

Last fall Jared Fogle—who in 1999 had lost more than 200 lbs. on a diet of Subway sandwiches—knew something was up. He just didn’t want to admit it was his weight. After months of reverting to “old habits,” such as polishing off a whole steak instead of just half, or dousing his salad with regular instead of fat-free dressing, “I didn’t need to tighten my belt as much,” he admits. Even so, “I was saying, ‘Oh, I can eat whatever I want.'” But after unflattering photos of his heftier 6’2″ frame hit the Internet in November, Fogle, 32, finally stepped on a scale. “I thought, Wow, is this right?” he says of learning he was up from 190 to 231 lbs. “It was not pleasant.” Determined to get back down to 200 lbs., Fogle, a Subway spokesman, is training for the ING New York City Marathon by working out four times a week and sticking to a 2,000-calorie daily diet. He is also counting on special motivation: He plans to wed teacher Katie McLaughlin, 30, this summer. This year, he says, “is my new beginning.”