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Jane Fonda Her Latest Plastic Surgery

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How typical: A Hollywood actress enters an L.A. party wearing a pair of sunglasses—and keeps them on indoors as she schmoozes with fellow celebrities. Only at this Feb. 11 bash honoring playwright Eve Ensler, the shades were warranted: Jane Fonda, 72, was covering up post-op bruises from having the bags beneath her eyes surgically removed just nine days earlier. “I got tired of not looking like how I feel,” Fonda wrote on her blog, in explaining her decision not only to have plastic surgery on her eyes but also on her chin and neck. “I wish I’d been brave enough not to do anything.” Fonda, however, is brave enough to do what many Hollywood stars simply don’t: talk about the surgeries they undergo to maintain their looks. Fonda—who had sworn off getting more plastic surgery a few years ago—explains that she decided to get nipped and tucked “to please me, make me feel better and, hopefully, buy myself a few more years of work as a glam grandmother.” Adds a friend: “She’s calling the entire process ‘Jowls Away!'” But Fonda’s not looking to erase the signs of aging altogether. “My crow’s-feet are still alive and well,” the actress wrote. “What pleases me is that I won’t look pulled or weird … or tired all the time.”