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Jakob Dylan: Sexiest Rock Star

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A Wallflower, with that face? Only by choice—and as bandleader—because Jakob Dylan’s level gaze can easily leave one as tangled up in blue as his dad Bob’s classic 1975 song. At 27, the L.A.-bred songwriter makes his own noise on the Wallflowers’ triple-platinum Bringing Down the Horse CD, but the lead singer—and Armani-clad MTV staple—echoes his elder’s aloof appeal. “He was very mysterious and low-key,” says Marc Canter of Canter’s Deli in L.A., where the fledgling band played weekly in 1991. Mysterious he remains, says Carly Simon, who joined Dylan for a recent encore of her “You’re So Vain”: “dark, sexy, brooding, poetic, vulnerable, sensual, fragile and strong.” The married father of a 3-year-old son personifies “a ’50s definition of cool,” agrees booker Len Fagan. “He even blinks his eyes slowly in a ’50s Ricky Nelson bedroom way.” Those windows on his world, according to comedian and avid rock fan Richard Lewis, “are so big and blue, you could dock a small ship in them,” though it’s not always clear sailing. “Sometimes,” Lewis concedes, “you need the FBI to figure out what he’s thinking.”