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Jacqueline Onassis

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Former First Lady, Editor, Legend, 63


GUINNESS RECORD: Decades without a stylistic faux pas.

FASHION TIPS: You kidding? The day she addresses her public is the day she wears combat boots.

The First Lady of Fashion still leads the way. Thirty years after she started the rage for pillbox hats and Chanel-style suits, designers are turning anew to her White House image. But Jackie O has moved seamlessly onward to more casual looks, like jeans and evening pants. While she toes a somewhat conservative line—hems around the knee, white gloves for special occasions, classically tailored dresses—no one else carries it off with such flair. Onassis “has perfect taste,” says designer Oleg Cassini, who dressed her in the Camelot years. Adds couturier Valentino: “She represents the American woman at her best. She dresses with the same elegance when she rides her horse or wears a ball gown.”