People Staff
May 12, 1997 12:00 PM

“JACINDA IS 100 PERCENT SCULPTED by nature,” says boyfriend Chris Hardwick, the cohost of MTV’s Singled Out. But Jacinda Barrett, 24, wishes nature had worked a little faster. “I was really ugly in school,” says the Australian-born model turned actress and 1995 London housemate in MTV’s The Real World. “I had these stick legs and big kneecaps like Olive Oyl, I wanted a bra so bad, but I didn’t have anything to put in it.” Modeling classes helped her grow into her lanky frame, and soon afterward the 5’10” Barrett was starring in fashion shows and magazine layouts. Still, Real World director George Verschoor says it’s her mischievous spirit (she delights in crank phone calls and nocturnal streakings) that really dazzles. “The most beautiful thing about Jacinda,” he says, “is now she constantly does the unexpected.” Barrett, who tries out her acting skills in this fall’s horror movie Campfire Tales, is equally freethinker about beauty. She eschews pricey skin creams for twice-daily washings with baby lotion (“Four dollars a bottle, you can’t beat that”) and seldom wears makeup. “When I wake up, I look pretty much the same as I do right now,” she says. Which is pretty much perfect.

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