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June 29, 2009 12:00 PM


Scrubs costars, posing as Ponch and Jon

Zach Braff: We get really offended when we hear of other people getting credited for inventing the bromance. The bromance started with me and Donald.

Donald Faison: We were at a read-through. He came over to meet me for the first time, and his energy was so powerful.

ZB: Instantly we were cracking each other up.

DF: I took him to a lot of parties in the beginning.

ZB: I’d never really been to a dance club where girls were “backing their thing up.” And I’m like, “Um, Donald, what am I supposed to do here? Excuse me, Donald? A little help?”

DF: I taught him how to move his hips and ride with it. How to wind and grind it on the dance floor.

ZB: He also taught me how to give a proper hip-hop hug. I still get nervous, though; I’ll text him, “I just met Jay-Z, and my hip-hop hug was very sloppy.”

DF: He might front like he has no rhythm, but he actually has a little.

ZB: We couldn’t be more different people, and yet there’s no one that can make me laugh as hard as this guy.

DF: I enjoy going to work to see him, even on days when I’m mad at him. I always say to myself, “Today he’s gonna get an earful!” And then I see him, and it’s like, “Man, I can’t be mad at you.”


winner and runner-up of Survivor: Tocantins, posing as the Skipper and Gilligan

James Thomas: We created a relationship on the show that is stronger than most. We keep in contact almost daily.

Stephen Fishbach: I’ve been to Alabama to visit him, and he’s been to New York to visit me. My family loves him! I think they were actually rooting for him to win.

JT: My parents and his parents have become very good friends. They’d be disappointed if we ever stabbed each other in the back now!

SF: We will definitely do vacations together. I’m anxious to take him to Europe. I lived in Paris for a while, and that’s why I love Paris. Once you’ve bonded with someone, you want to show them the things that excite you.

JT: Yeah, he’s going to drive me around Europe. I feel like he’s seen a lot more than I have, so I am anxious for him to take me somewhere. I can talk to him about as good as I can talk to anybody in this world.

RYAN EGGOLD, 24 star of 90210, & KELLAN LUTZ, 24 of 90210 and Twilight, posing as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Ryan Eggold: We met online.

Kellan Lutz: He had a great profile.

RE: We had similar interests. Tennis. Badminton. We set up a man date. No—we met through friends and then worked together on 90210.

KL: He’s the funny one; he gets the girls laughing right away. And then he’s like, “Let me introduce you to my ugly friend.”

RE: He’s too handsome. That bothers me. That smile. Look at that jawline.

KL: Don’t forget the dimples.

RE: Can I get some dimples over here?

KL: I’m really jealous that he can grow a beard and a thick moustache. He’s like a real man to me. I’m like a little boy.

RE: Then again, Kellan could knock me out probably in one punch.

KEVIN CONNOLLY, 35 ADRIAN GRENIER, 32 & JERRY FERRARA, 29 stars of Entourage, posing as the Bee Gees

Jerry Ferrara: Our friendship is so strong; I have a hard time remembering life before I knew the guys.

Adrian Grenier: I always felt like a bit of an outsider because they were into sports. I started playing golf, so it’s given me the opportunity to bond.

Kevin Connolly: I’m like a proud father. Adrian came up to me one day and said, “Hey, you want to go play some golf?” I was like, “You know what? I would like nothing more.”

AG: He almost said, “Yes, son.”

KC: I was pattin’ him on the shoulder when he made a good shot. He’s definitely evolved.

AG: Be careful. I got game. I might be calling you son!

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