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Isaac Goes to the Oscars

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For weeks before the Oscars, I was dieting a little bit, keeping in mind that I was going to appear. It’s not just you looking at Charlize Theron, it’s Charlize Theron looking at you! This was my first time on the Oscar red carpet, and there’s so many nerves and so many emotions you can’t help but pick up on it.

My favorite of the night was Keira Knightley. She was a wonderful surprise in that eggplant-colored dress. And that Bulgari necklace! And her hair! Reese Witherspoon also looked stunning. Her dress isn’t as photogenic as it is beautiful in person. It looked like a beautiful old oil painting that she found. What I didn’t see was a lot of cleavage, which I was happy about—that’s a kind of sexiness that’s passé. The best accessory of the night belonged to Felicity Huffman. She had William H. Macy next to her! If you have him, Heath [Ledger] or Marc Anthony on your arm, what can be better than that?

One of my favorite interviews of the night was George Clooney. He looked gorgeous! I asked him what he would do if he’d win, and he said, “I won’t win.” And then he said, “Well, if I do win I’ll thank you.” And he won, but he didn’t thank me. And I’m a little upset about it!

When I asked Ludacris to name his style icon, he told me, “Chris Bridges—a guy who is out to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.” I had no idea that was his real name! That’s one thing you learn on that red carpet as soon as you get your credentials: Check your ego. I thought it was so funny.