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Breathe deeply, stretch out those kinks and assume the lotus position. Whether it’s the new millennium or just the winds of change that sometimes sweep through Hollywood, this year’s assembly of the alluring is more laid-back about beauty than ever. Julia Roberts and Ricky Martin, among others, spend less time sweating in the gym and more time seeking serenity on the yoga mat. Instead of cosmetic enhancements, some stars are inclined to stick with their imperfections: Party of Five’s Neve Campbell has a crooked tooth, and City of Angels‘ star Blair Underwood’s face is sprinkled with scars. And surprisingly, celebs are aging gratefully. “My happiness has increased by a million percent as I’ve gotten older” says 30-year-old Heather Graham. Adds Rupert Everett: “I turned 40. It was much nicer than turning 30.” That’s something to meditate about.