People Staff
July 27, 2007 12:00 PM

If there’s one thing a prima donna needs—besides a lapdog and lip gloss—it’s a posse. Which is why director Kenny Ortega decided to give Sharpay her very own “Sharpettes,” played by Kelli Baker, 17, McCall Clark, 16, and Tanya Michelle, 23. Mostly they’re girls who get to wear outrageous outfits—”I still have glitter in my teeth,” jokes Clark of the high-glitz getups—and make grand entrances with Sharpay. “Ashley was so much fun, she treated us like friends,” says Baker. Shivering in 40-degree temperatures (it was March!) for night shoots by the pool was a bonding experience for them all—as were the off-hours manicures and pool parties. “We should have had pillow fights,” says Michelle of the shoot. “It felt like we were at a sleepover.”

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