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He may not have brought sexy back, but illusionist CRISS ANGEL has caught a bullet in a cup held in his mouth—perhaps one quality that helped catch the eye of CAMERON DIAZ, 32, who met A&E’s Mindfreak star at the VH-1 Rock Honors show in Vegas May 12. Later that night she and best bud DREW BARRYMORE hit Jet Nightclub, but Diaz quickly interrupted dancing with her pal to chat with Angel, 39. On Monday night the pair continued their revelry with dinner at Prime steak house and a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Love, where, says an observer, “they snuggled the entire time.” A source states the obvious: “They hit it off very quickly.”


The Sopranos‘ JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER celebrated her 26th birthday at N.Y.C.’s Butter May 14, downing Bacardi Silver Mojitos among pals ROBERT ISLER and Justin Chambers and tucking into a cake by Cheryl Kleinman. The guest of honor even rapped along to a medley of Jay-Z songs—as Hova himself chilled nearby—and danced seductively for boyfriend and Butter co-owner Scott Sartiano. So what’s her birthday wish? “To be as happy as I’ve been this last year,” she tells Insider. “I know how blessed I am.”


Is JENNIFER GARNER heading back to TV? “We’re putting together a show,” pal Lauren Sanchez-Whitesell told Insider at the May 9 launch of iVillage Cares. “I’m the host, and she’ll come on periodically. It’s basically The View for mothers.”

Here’s hoping LEO DICAPRIO likes children. His girlfriend BAR RAFAELI craves a full house, the model told Insider while cheering up patients in St. Luke’s Hospital Pediatric Unit May 14: “I want a big family. As many kids as possible!”

Dating fashion designer TORY BURCH is already rubbing off on LANCE ARMSTRONG. “She doesn’t like it when I wear T-shirts,” he said at the Modern Bride Trendsetters Awards in N.Y.C. on May 9. “Especially my ratty ones.”