Zorianna Kit
May 31, 2004 12:00 PM


While Tina Fey’s witty script helped Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan bust out at the box office, the teen queen insists that’s the only boost she’s gotten in, well, busting out. “It’s retarded,” says Lohan of the notion that she had plastic surgery. “I’m 17 years old. My mother would never let me. I’d be deathly afraid, and it’s unnecessary.” Still, the actress admits she’s flattered: ‘I’m glad people think I have a nice chest.”


For Love or Money 2‘s Chad Viggiano and Erin Brodie recently turned down a seven-figure offer from NBC to televise their wedding à la Trista and Ryan. Why? For one thing, Viggiano is independently wealthy, thanks to his family’s meat-processing company, where he’s VP of sales. “A million dollars doesn’t mean the same to him that it might to any average person,” says show creator and executive producer JD Roth. Also, the NBC deal included a gig for Brodie as a correspondent for Access Hollywood, but both Brodie and Viggiano want to stay out of the public eye for now. The couple recently moved into a loft in downtown L.A. but aren’t yet engaged. Says Brodie: “We are in love, but we don’t have any [wedding] dates yet.”


Paula Abdul, who got a staph infection in her right thumb after a botched manicure, is touched by fans who have flooded her with nail-grooming kits. “I don’t think I’ll ever get another manicure,” she says. She also claims that her condition was far worse than people knew: “I had the flesh-eating disease.”…

Courteney Cox Arquette‘s cross-dressing brother-in-law, Alexis Arquette, will document his upcoming sex change for a film he hopes will be directed by sister Rosanna Arquette….

That ’70s Show‘s costar Danny Masterson says the FOX sitcom will call it quits after next season, its seventh. “[The whole cast] had a say in it,” he says. “We want to go out while the show is still good.”



Enjoying a day of noshing, novels and nuzzling, Claire Danes and Billy Crudup get cozy in New York City’s Battery Park on May 17. While reps for the couple won’t comment, word is their romance sparked last fail after they costarred in the upcoming drama Stage Beauty. In November Crudup split with actress Mary-Louise Parker, with whom he has a 4-month-old son.

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