Tom Cunneff
April 28, 2003 12:00 PM

Is Justin Timberlake back with his ex-love, ‘N Sync backup dancer Jenna Dewan? The two looked pretty cozy sitting next to each other and chatting the night away at Joseph’s Cafe in Hollywood during a friend’s recent birthday party. After some chocolate cake, many of the partygoers headed for the dance floor, where they formed a circle and took turns showing off their break-dancing skill-complete with backspins and flips. But when Timberlake’s hit song “Rock Your Body” came on, the pop star stayed on the sidelines, resisting the temptation to step into the circle and rock to his own vocals. Later that night, Timberlake and Dewan traded moves on the dance floor.

Harrison Ford isn’t a familiar face at fashion shows, but on April 10 he was sitting patiently in the audience at the Emanuel Ungaro Barneys New York show in Santa Monica, Calif., while model after model strutted her stuff. What drew the action hero to the event? His sweetie, Calista Flockhart, served as the evening’s host. After the show the couple made a quick escape backstage, where the models were in various stages of undress. So Flockhart playfully put up her hand to block Ford’s view as she whispered, “Cover your eyes!” A smirking Ford obliged.

Young Hollywood brought back the glamorous days of Old Hollywood at Lara Flynn Boyle’s 33rd-birthday party, held jointly with PR honcho Lara Shriftman at a rented mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The 200 guests, including Demi Moore, Luke Wilson and Naomi Watts, were told to come to the April 11 soirée as their “favorite old movie star.” Although most of the celebs didn’t dress up, socialite Paris Hilton came as Sharon Tate in Valley of the Dolls. A mustachioed Wilson sported a Clark Gable look, while Stephen Dorff went for Steve McQueen. Boyle came as herself, explaining, “I’m getting so old, I consider myself my favorite old movie star.”

It may seem strange to show a movie about a high school shooting spree to the faculty and students of Columbine High School, but that’s what happened April 10 in Littleton, Colo., 10 days before the tragedy’s fourth anniversary. After a teacher saw a screening of Home Room at the Denver Film Festival, she asked writer-director Paul Ryan to bring it to Littleton. Star Erika Christensen also made the trip. According to the actress, watching the film was a “cathartic experience” for the audience of 300. Later, Christensen and Ryan visited the school and toured the cafeteria, which now has an atrium above it in place of the library where most of the 12 students and one teacher died. While it was an emotional day for the 20-year-old Christensen, the kids were mostly interested in getting their pictures taken with her. “As much as you want to never forget,” she tells me, “it’s still just a high school.”

Adam Sandler Wanted to show his support for our troops in the Middle East, so the actor arranged with the top brass of the armed forces to have Anger Management, his hit comedy costarring Jack Nicholson, screened the weekend of April 18. He also taped a greeting thanking them for their service.

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