Tom Cunneff
November 18, 2002 12:00 PM

Actress by day, executive by night. For the last two months, Sandra Bullock has been pulling double duty, starring in the romantic comedy Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant in New York City during working hours and then heading off to ABC’s Manhattan studios to do her job as an executive producer on the sitcom George Lopez. Every Thursday night Bullock watches the show’s taping in L.A. via a live video feed while periodically phoning Lopez and the three other executive producers to offer her comments. Even after Notice is released Dec. 20, Bullock plans on remaining a long-distance producer: I hear a satellite hookup is going to be installed in her Austin, Texas, home so that she can continue being heard but not seen.

For Billy Campbell life after Once and Again has been hard—which is exactly the way he wanted it. After the critically acclaimed ABC drama ended its run last season, Campbell, casting around for something new to do, spied a small but intriguing ad in the back of Harper’s magazine promising high-seas adventure. After further investigation, Campbell signed on to spend a month over the summer volunteering as a crew member aboard a 200-ft. Norwegian tall ship in the Baltic Sea, making stops in Poland, Denmark and Germany. The actor did everything from swabbing the head to cooking for the 20-person crew to climbing 150 feet up the mast to rig sails. Campbell hopes to spend the entire summer on the ship next year.

What does every girl want for her 18th birthday? A ’57 Chevy, of course. At least that’s what Kelly Osbourne has wanted since she was a kid. To make sure their little girl got her heart’s desire, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne enlisted the help of noted car buff Jay Leno, who tracked down a pristine, aqua-marine-and-white Bel Air. Ozzy and Sharon then surprised a thrilled Kelly on the big day, Oct. 27. Needless to say, she’s totally forsaken her red Mercedes for the new ride.

Jessica Simpson‘s squeaky-clean image went out the door at her Oct. 24 bachelorette party. The surprise bash, held two days before the pop star’s wedding to 98° singer Nick Lachey, was thrown (with the help of L.A. party-planner Pamela Yager) by the bride-to-be’s mom, Tina Simpson, and sister, 7th Heaven star Ashlee Simpson, at the “Whiskey Bar in Austin, Texas. While only a few of the 50 female guests nibbled on phallic-shaped candies, Simpson happily played along with everything thrown at her-including a male blowup doll. Two female belly dancers and three male exotic dancers rounded out the evening’s entertainment.

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