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Jennifer Lopez shot down recent rumors that she’s carrying Ben Affleck‘s child, but that didn’t stop the baby talk on the set of Jersey Girl, the couple’s upcoming romantic comedy. Affleck was so taken with 10-day-old twins Jaden and Jagger Agnew, who appear in the film, that he dragged Lopez to the babies’ trailer, where he was happy to get a chance to feed and burp Jaden. Lopez looked on with little interest. She brightened up considerably during the couple’s Sept. 20 and 22 shopping sprees in Philadelphia, when she picked up $1,200 worth of lingerie and loungewear. More intriguing was the fact that during the trips, Lopez sported a sizable diamond ring on her left ring finger. Reps for Affleck and Lopez have no comment on the rock.

Robert Downey Jr. finished his yearlong court-ordered stint in rehab for drugs in July. To celebrate his pal’s sobriety, Mel Gibson bought a BMW motorcycle and presented it to Downey on the set of The Singing Detective, which Downey finished filming this summer. Gibson, who is coproducing and has a role in Detective, has been a big supporter of the troubled actor ever since they made Air America together in 1990. In fact, Gibson, who also bought himself a BMW bike six months ago, insisted Downey take a few safety lessons before riding the motorcycle, a precaution director Keith Gordon certainly appreciated. Says Gordon: “I didn’t want him to kill my leading man.”

Paris is for lovers as well as movie promoters, which is why Tom Cruise flew to the City of Light on his private jet six days before the European premiere of Minority Report on Sept. 24. You see, Penélope Cruz is currently shooting a French film, Fanfan La Tulipe, outside Paris. The sweethearts spent time together at the Ritz hotel, dined at romantic bistros all over town and even played a round of golf at Saint-Nom-La-Bretêche, a top course outside Paris. Cruise has been hacking around for a few years, while Penelope just picked up the game recently.

So where did Kevin Hughes, the prop master on The Banger Sisters, get the photos for the scene in which former groupies Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn giggle over a secret stash of old Polaroids featuring the, um, naughty bits of all the rock stars they bedded? Hughes and a female friend approached about 50 guys in bars in L.A. and San Diego and asked if they’d step into the bathroom for a snapshot of their private parts. Amazingly enough, 30 of them agreed. Sarandon and Hawn were totally surprised by the photos, I’m told, and their hysterical reactions in the movie were genuine.