Mark Dagostino
November 26, 2001 12:00 PM

While watching Game 3 of the World Series at Joe Allen, a restaurant in Manhattan’s theater district, Matthew Broderick struck up a conversation with an Englishman at the bar. I’m told the apparently clueless bloke asked the costar of The Producers what he did for a living. “I’m an actor,” Matthew said, to which the Englishman replied, “Let me buy you a drink. Times must be tough for you now with everything that is going on.” “That’s okay. I’m doing all right,” Broderick said. “You should really see my show.” The visitor declined the offer, telling Broderick he was busy and leaving town the next day.

So how did Barbara Walters nab her exclusive interview with the mega-stars of Ocean’s Eleven for her Nov. 16 special? Turns out the film’s producer Jerry Weintraub, a friend for 40 years, asked her. Walters agreed, on one big condition: Weintraub had to sort out the details with all the stars’ publicists, managers and agents. He did, and Andy Garcia, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle convened at Weintraub’s oceanfront Malibu estate on Oct. 20. “Each star came in his or her own car, and they all drove themselves,” says a source. “Brad was the last to arrive, and they all teased him about being late. And from what I hear, they had Barbara laughing a lot.”

Moving and hosting the Emmys surely rank as two of life’s most stressful events, yet Ellen DeGeneres did both the very same week. The comedian purchased a house in the Hollywood Hills, which her girlfriend of more than one year, actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison (Nash Bridges), helped her move into the first week of November. So how luxurious are the new digs? “It’s the kind of house you need to have a series for,” says Ellen, whose CBS sitcom The Ellen Show was just picked up for the remainder of the season.

We hear that Prince William will be unable to make the Dec. 15 wedding of his uncle Charles Spencer to Caroline Freud because of a long-standing engagement he cannot miss. Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, is hopeful that his nephew Prince Harry will attend the bash at Althorp. Harry met Freud at Eton College last year, when Spencer brought her to his alma mater. William was introduced to Freud at Althorp when the young prince visited his mother’s resting place on July 1. “They all got along very, very well. It was very relaxed,” says a source.

Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall has devised a strategy to help her cope with flyer’s anxiety: As soon as she gets on a plane, she introduces herself to the person sitting next to her. “I say, ‘Hi, my name is Kim. I don’t know if we’re going to need each other during this flight.’ Whether there’s turbulence or something as severe as an attack, I want to reach out.”

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