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After a recent stint in rehab followed by two weeks shooting Friends, Matthew Perry returned to the Dallas set of Servicing Sara on April 27 for the comedy’s final 12 days of filming. For the organizers of a charity event in Las Vegas, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Perry and Jennifer Aniston were slated to host the April 28 fund-raiser for the Lili Claire Foundation, named for the late daughter of a Friends casting director, which benefits children with neurogenetic birth defects. Photos of Perry and Aniston, who also got stuck on a movie, were on the invitations and promotional materials. Nevertheless, the bash drew Jeff Probst, Marg Helgenberger and Kathy Griffin, among others, and raised $300,000.

Lara Flynn Boyle hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time on May 12. The Practice star is a little nervous, she tells me. Well, given her rail-thin appearance and her romance with Jack Nicholson (yes, she’s still dating him), there’s a lot to poke fun at. Even SNL producers warned her that it could get rough. But she’s game. “If you put yourself in a certain situation, you’ve got to go with the ride,” says Boyle, who sought reassurance from SNL alums David Spade and Rob Schneider. “I’ll call them at midnight,” she says, “when I can’t sleep because I’m nervous. ‘Please give me a hint, a pointer!’ ” Their sage advice? “The show’s over before you know it.”

In Driven, Sylvester Stallone and Burt Reynolds reminisce over a black-and-white photo from their early racing days, when Stallone was a rookie on a team owned by Reynolds. Unlike most made-for-movie photos, however, this one’s the real deal. Director Renny Harlin asked the stars for a few pictures of themselves in the early ’80s so they could be digitally combined. But Stallone dug out a 1982 photo of himself with Reynolds at a boxing match in Palm Beach, Fla.

It’s hiatus time in Hollywood, and that means some R & R for your favorite TV stars. Spin City‘s Heather Locklear has been on the road with her husband, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Frasier star Kelsey Grammer and his wife, Camille, headed for Hawaii, where they own a house. ER’s Michael Michele is taking her mom to Egypt after a stop in Mozambique, where she’ll film scenes for Ali, the biopic starring Will Smith in which she plays Muhammad Ali’s third wife. And how will Bart and Lisa Simpson spend their vacation? I’m told Lisa will translate Homer’s epic The Odyssey into math, while Bart will “get sunburned, cry, heal, repeat.”

Jane Seymour may look a bit stiff on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within, airing May 12 on CBS. The actress had back surgery about six weeks before she began shooting in March. (Seymour herniated a disk last year while pretending to kill someone with a golf club in a movie called Blackout.) For the Dr. Quinn part she had to wear two corsets: the traditional one that her character wears plus an orthopedic one. After the surgery, her pal Christopher Reeve sent her flowers and a note that read, “I guess the moral of the story is to watch your back.”