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A really strange thing happened to two avid X-Files fans who sent the series’ creator Chris Carter an invitation to their Las Vegas wedding. You’d have a better chance of honeymooning aboard a flying saucer than getting Carter to attend, right? But he did just that, much to the shock of the Colorado-area couple, Starbucks managers Sarene Matthews, 28, and Jim Valeri, 27. The duo were complete strangers to the X-man before their nuptials at Caesars Palace on Oct. 13—which is also Carter’s birthday and the name of his production company (Ten Thirteen). “Anyone who gets married on Friday the 13th, you have to honor that,” says Carter, who turned up unannounced. “It was a perfect X-Files moment.”

In Bedazzled, Elizabeth Hurley plays the Devil, who grants the lovelorn loser Brendan Fraser seven wishes in exchange for his soul. One wish: to be a rock star. But theatergoers will never see the actor’s transformation into a groupie-groping British belter. Test audiences found it too dark, so director Harold Ramis replaced it with one of Fraser as a U.S. President. The new scenes, shot in August in London, where Fraser was filming The Mummy Returns and Hurley lives, delayed the film’s release from summer to fall. You can catch the original footage in the DVD version, however.

Dennis Quaid probably didn’t have a Democratic party in mind when he arranged a sleepover at his house in L.A. for his 8-year-old, Jack, and five of Jack’s friends. But that same evening Quaid and his son were invited to the home of TV mogul Michael King for a fund-raiser that President Clinton was attending. So Quaid decided to give the kids a treat and had Jack’s babysitter bring all the boys over.

Any flowers you see on Will & Grace are likely to be fake, because star Debra Messing is allergic to most of them. That goes for perfume too. She only wears one very light men’s fragrance, Gendarme. So what happened at her September wedding to actor-screenwriter Daniel Zelman? Event designer Bryan Wark decorated the tables with candle-filled glass cylinders instead of posies. Her bouquet: calla lilies, which have little scent.

Eddie Murphy is no animal lover and had something of a struggle making his 1998 hit Dr. Doolittle. But that didn’t stop him from signing up for the sequel, which started filming last month. I checked with a source on the L.A. set who tells me Murphy’s gotten better at talking to the animals, which include an orangutan, a grizzly bear, a lynx and 15 breeds of dog. For the $20 million he’s reportedly making, I’d wrestle a rhino, wouldn’t you?

A Michael Jackson sighting is rarer than steak tartare. But one of our spies caught him at Sharper Image in Beverly Hills with his son, Prince, 3. Dressed as usual in black, Jackson held a hospital mask over his nose and mouth as he walked around checking out Wee.Bot electronic pets and a Yamaha keyboard. But after a few fans asked for autographs, a store employee whisked singer and son into the back, where they perused more goodies before ducking into a waiting SUV limo.